AtomLeap High-Tech Accelerator

As the six month programme AtomLeap High-Tech Accelerator has ended, we would like to share our experiences within the programme.

AtomLeap is a high-tech six month accelerator designed to help research teams to successfully launch their business. They provide training and financial support to help grow startups within a variety of sectors from AI and IoT, to clean and green technologies. 

Here are the benefits of joining an accelerator:

Financial support to get going

The financial support allows you time to get started, or take the leap! The programme is financed by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the State of Berlin. This financial support helps you get over one of the biggest hurdles when going from being employed to starting up a business. 

Local knowledge

Setting up a company in a new country can be daunting. However, the accelerator programme gives you support and training, to understand all the ins and outs of setting up as well as the bureaucracy involved. The programme connects you with the local network to provide support in multiple areas, allowing you to navigate your way around the local startup scene. This is very beneficial, particularly for people new to Berlin. Berlin has a booming startup community, and becoming a part of this through an accelerator, allows you to enter smoothly.

General Support

Every two weeks, you get the chance to catch up with your accelerator manager. This is extremely beneficial to get a completely different perspective on the business ongoings. In this way they act as a sparring partner. Whether it is discussing ideas, going through progress of the previous weeks, or just having someone to listen to the struggles is extremely valuable to any new founder. I had the benefit of working with Tim for 6 months, and his support throughout this time was helpful. The rest of the AtomLeap team were very helpful with organising training and support sessions.


The programme gives you great local contacts such as lawyers, investors, etc, and gives you the chance to meet the other startups within the programme. Kleiderly and the other participants in the accelerator did a series of pitch sessions together, and gave feedback and advice. Having a network of startups is great, to share ideas, pains and gains of building a company. 

In conclusion, we are so grateful to AtomLeap for taking Kleiderly on. It has allowed us to fund the start of this journey and has given us the confidence that this idea has the potential to make a global change. Through this process we learned that with the right training and workshops provided by the accelerator, success can be possible. We could not be more thankful to the team at AtomLeap for believing in our goal and taking Kleiderly on.


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