How to create a “greener” Christmas

Even though this year’s Christmas is going to look much more different to what we are used to, it should not stop us from allowing ourselves to feel the Christmas spirit - of course with social distancing. 

Christmas is a beautiful time, to spend with loved ones, to treat yourself with some good food and of course presents. 

We want to show you five ways that you can make your Christmas a little more sustainable this year with some easy tips, from sustainable wrappings and gifts to alternative Christmas trees. 

1. Buying plantable postcards  

This year due to the current state of Covid-19 and the lockdown around Christmas and New Year’s Eve it is nearly impossible to celebrate or even see all your loved ones. This should not stop us from thinking of them and showing our affections for them. You can send a personal postcard and when choosing it what about a plantable one? It is a great zero waste alternative to average postcards since the biodegradable paper can be planted in a pot of soil, the paper will then decompose and the seeds will grow. 

2. Wrapping presents 

A nicely wrapped present can elevate a present in a second and can show how much thoughts and efforts you have put into the gift. Just as quickly as this, the wrapping paper can lay on the floor, and later in the bin. 

Wrapping paper can create enormous amounts of waste, so looking for ways to reuse your wrapping paper or using reusable wrapping methods can be a great way to reduce this, while stimulating your creativity. 

One alternative is Furoshiki, a traditional Japanese method where a square piece of cloth or fabric is used to gift wrapping or transport important items.

3. Rewear your Christmas sweater

We have seen the “ugly Christmas sweater” trend a few years now, and as much as they look fun, they also have a negative environmental impact. Up to 95% of them are made using plastic, which causes environmental pollution and takes years to decompose. So, this year instead of buying a new Christmas sweater, you can also make your one by using materials you already own. There are a lot of great tutorials online for it, too. Or just re-wear an old one you have, or borrow someone else's spare. 

4. Alternative Christmas trees 

Nothing helps you to get into the Christmas spirit more than looking at a beautifully decorated Christmas tree with lights. But just as the Knut advertisement by Ikea has shown in the last few years, most Christmas trees are thrown away after the Christmas days. So what can we do to keep these valuable resources? 

One alternative is to rent a Christmas tree locally. In this way, you don’t waste any trees and don’t have to worry about what you do with it afterwards. In this way, you can also support local business and ultimately ensure that trees continue to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in between festivities. 

5. Experiment with leftovers and cut food waste 

Food is one of the most important things when it comes to Christmas - eating with your family and friends, baking Christmas cookies or making gebratene Äpfel. 

When doing our food shopping this year, we can try to reduce plastic and packaging waste by trying to buy products with no packaging or light packaging. 

And when over-catering, we can always mix it up and make some delicious leftover meals, donate it to neighbours or soup kitchens. This will save you money and cut food waste. 

Our thoughts on a greener Christmas

At Kleiderly, we are aiming to spread awareness of the reuse of valuable resources, and when it comes to Christmas, it can be a great way to start. There are many more ways to make your Christmas greener from going meat-free to making your own Christmas decorations. Doing one or more of these actions can already make a difference, and we encourage everyone who has the possibility to do so, to make an impact in their lives. 

Happy Christmas and stay safe from your truly Kleiderly!



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